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With six years of company history under its belt, TECH is expanding. The decision was made to set up offices in a fledgling, English speaking market. Given the company's strong track record in the fields of automotive, energy-related, and academic translation and interpreting, the ideal location was found with Birmingham/Alabama.

The city is at the centre of a rapidly growing region with a history of steel and engineering and a promising future in clean industries, biotechnology, and automobile manufacturing, all supported by a university with strong ties into the business community and an excellent international reputation.

Birmingham's large international business community requires reliable language services which they needed to buy elsewhere or abroad as there was no full-service language agency in Birmingham. With a US office, TECH will be able to react quicker to market requirements, be in situ whenever required, and at the same time effectively function as an agency that has firm roots on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. TECH LLC: your hub of American-European business relations.

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